Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai yoga massage is an ancient form of healing. It works on energy line systems in our body to increase the energy flow, release blockages, reduces aches, pain and diseases. This involves stretching, and deep tissue massage using hands, feet and elbows to apply pressure to important points on the energy lines.

This form of body work is performed without oil. It’s advisable for the client to ware loose and comfortable clothing.

Benefits of Treatment

With increased blood circulation and lowers blood pressure you will feel more balanced.

Starting at the feet and ending at the head, this massage tones the body, strengthens joints and fights diseases including chronic joint problems.


Buy a package of 5 and get 1 free or loyalty card buy 7 treatments get 1 free Gift Voucher Avaliable.

£50  60 Minutes
£70   90 Minutes

New Patients Special Offer ... 25% Off on first appointment

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