SMART Sculpt Pro Body Contouring and Fat Reduction

The world’s NO1 fat reduction and body contouring technology. It combines infrared heating technology, adaptive roller massage, intelligent bipolar Radio frequency, and vacuum suction technology to simultaneously work together to:


  • Reduce fat non invasively 
  • Contour your body
  • Promote collagen regeneration
  • Reduces cellulite 
  • Tightens skin and reduces fine lines
For the best results:


  • 8 sessions in 1 area (we do package deals)
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the course (3 liters a day)
  • Do light/moderate exercise (eg,daily walks, gym)
  • Do not eat a heavy meal before a treatment
  • Do not eat too many unhealthy foods, stick to a good healthy diet.

Infrared Heating and Technology:
Fast heating of superficial skin for tightening and increased metabolic activity, enhances results and tightens skin.


Adaptive Roller Massage:
Increases blood and lymph circulation, accelerates the metabolism of unwanted fat cells. Improves results for smoother and healthier skin.


Intelligent and Powerful Bipolar RF:
Good standard 150W Bipolar 40.68 Mhz radio frequency achieves optimum temperature within seconds with deep penetration of 15mm into fatty tissue maximising apoptosis (killing of fat cells) and the stimulation of deep collagen fibres.


Vacuum Suction Technology:
Adjustable negative pressure for all skin tones allows for skin to be targeted precisely.

Body Contouring Theory:
If we lost weight naturally, existing fat cells empty and shrink. However, the fat cells do not die with natural weight loss, which explains why regaining weight can happen so fast. The cells are already there to fill up and expand.

Fat reduction with SmartSculptPro delivers 2 important benefits. We can drain and destroy existing fat cells which reduces circumference. Because you are left with fewer fat cells, it helps prevent regain of weight.

Radio Frequency: RF created heat in the skin which has 2 effects:
From 37 degrees, fat cells die. At around 42 degrees we work on dermal structure. Elastin strands are strengthened and new collagen fibres are produced. Advanced in treatment skin monitoring ensures you work at the right temperature and avoid burns.

Treatment Per Session 8 Session Package
Abdomen & Full Tummy £140 £1000
Upper or Lower Tummy £80 £600
Arm Definition £80 £600
Neck £60 £430
Bum Lift £120 £900
Thighs and Buttocks £180 £1300
Back & Shoulders £110 £800
Bra Fat £60 £430


Ask instore about our offers with SMARTsculptPRO or call our salon on 01923 770471 to discuss the treatment plan that is right for you.