Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are flaps of skin coloured tissue that hang off by a thin stalk. They are commonly found in areas where your skin rubs together such as underarms, neck, groin, eyelids and breasts. It’s possible for a cancerous growth to be mistaken for a skin tag.

Improve Your Confidence

Skin tags generally stay small, while skin cancers can grow large and can often bleed and ulcerate. Have your doctor check out any growth that bleeds or has different colours on it.

Our therapist Jane Scott can remove them in several ways which would be decided during a free consultation with you or you can send a photograph.

Our treatments offer a quick and effective way to remove skin tags and improve appearance. The procedure is virtually painless and the results are immediate.

Who gets skin tags?

Anyone can develop a skin tag. About 46 percent of people in the UK have skin tags. They tend to be most common in people who undergo hormonal changes, such as pregnancy, as well as those who have metabolic disorders. While skin tags can occur at any age, they seem to appear more frequently in adults who are 60 years or older.


Discomfort and irritation are among the most common reasons for skin tag removal. However, skin tags are rarely painful unless they’re constantly rubbing against the folds of your skin. They can also affect your confidence, which Jane can easily resolve for you!